New Formulation of Trimethoprim Injectable Solution for Veterinary Use

Arooba M.S. Ibrahim and Duraid A. H. Abbas

  • Arooba M.S. Ibrahim College of Veterinary Medicine, Baghdad University
Keywords: Trimethoprim, Veterinary, therapeutic, bacteria, protozoa, Rickettsia


The aim of this study was prepared new formulation of trimethoprim injectable
solution in the Physiology and pharmacology department /College ofVeterinary
Medicine, University of Baghdad.Trimethoprim injection formulation is antibacterial and
used against a number of bacteria, protozoa and Rickettsia. Data was collected about the
materials used in the preparation of the formula from the well-known pharmacopeia,
including the specification, physical and chemical properties of active ingredient, the
additive and preservative that must be used. Three pilot formulae were prepared from
analar chemical ingredient from which one formula was chosen and tested to approve its
quantitative and qualitative specification. Quantitative evaluation, stability of the
formula was also tested under different storage environmental condition of low and high
temperature at different periods through and one year and through the questionnaire field.
Questionnaire proved the product, stability and therapeutic efficiency. The composition
obtained a certificate of acceptance from the Veterinary State Company and Veterinary
Drug Research and production Centre as new preparation Formula of Trimethoprim
Injectable Solution for Veterinary use.


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