The following four criteria should be considered by authors to be qualified for authorship of a paper(adopted from The International Committee of Medical Journal Editours (ICMJE):
  1. Participating significantly to the conception or design of the research work; or the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of research data;
  2. Drafting or revising the paper critically for important intellectual content;
  3. Approving the final paper version for publishing; and
  4. Agreeing to be responsible for addressing questions related to the integrity of any aspect of the research work.
Anyone who has participated in the research work but does not qualify as an author should be listed in the acknowledgments with his/her approval. Before submitting the manuscript, the list and order of authors should be considered carefully by all authors. One author should be designated by all authors as a corresponding author who will be responsible for all communications between the editor and the other authors. If there is any change such as adding, removing, or rearrangement to the authorship list, it should be requested before acceptance and approved by the Editor-in-ChiefIf editors or one of the editorial members are authors or have contributed to a manuscript submitted to the journal, they will be excluded from the publication decisions. Editors of the journal will follow flowcharts from COPE  and “How to spot authorship problems”  if there is an authorship problem.