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The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Iraqi J. Vet. Med.) is published by the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Baghdad. Established in 1977, it was the first leading-edge scientific veterinary journal in Iraq aimed at developing the veterinary profession. Since then, the journal has been published biannually (one volume with two issues) and features original research papers, review papers, and case reports in various veterinary specialties.

In 1985, The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine was registered with the National Library of Baghdad under registration number 322 and obtained P-ISSN 1609-5693. As of January 2005, it became an international open-access journal with E-ISSN 2410-7409, allowing authors to publish their research and make it immediately, permanently, and freely accessible worldwide while retaining copyright to their work. All papers published in the journal are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4).

Until 2015, the journal published articles in both Arabic and English. Since then, only articles written in English with Arabic abstracts have been accepted. As of June 2021, The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine has published 45 volumes with 64 issues, including 582 articles in Arabic and 375 in English.

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Vol. 47 No. 1 (2023): Iraqi J. Vet. Med.

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Published: 2023-06-28

Haemoglobin Epsilon as a Biomarker for the Molecular Detection of Canine ‎Lymphoma

Layla H Al-Kinani, Margaret A Sharp, Kenneth M Wyatt, Flaminia Coiacetto, Claire R Sharp, Gabriele Rossi, Wayne K Greene


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