Comparative Study of Laser- attenuated and Gamma attenuated irradiated larval Vaccines of Dictyocaulus filaria in goats.

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AL- Mashhadani, F.J. K.
AL-Samarrae, S.A. G


A comparative trial between the effect of 3rd stage Dictyocaulus filaria larval vaccine attenuated by continuous emission of visible Helium – Neon Laser of ImW and wave length of ( 632.8 ) nm of (5) minutes exposure that of gamma attenuated larvae at 0.5 k. gray ( Co as radiation Source ) was designed. Each of the two attenuated larval vaccines was given to a group of ( 5 ) kids each . Double immunization doses at ( 35 ) days interval from each vaccine were given orally. The first dose contained ( 1000 ) larvae and the second one ( 2000 ) for each . A challenge dose of ( 100 ) non- irradiated larvae /kg body weight was given after ( 5 ) week to the vaccinated groups and a control non- vaccinated (5 kids ) 3rd group. All animals were slaughtered after 6 weeks post challenge. 

Results showed that both vaccines revealed 80.7% and 78.1% protection respectively for worm burden as compared to control. Laser attenuated vaccine exhibited a statistically significant inhibition in the fecundity of female worms and larvae secretion in faeces in comparison with the gamma irradiated vaccine


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K., A.-. M. F., & G, A.-S. S. (2021). Comparative Study of Laser- attenuated and Gamma attenuated irradiated larval Vaccines of Dictyocaulus filaria in goats. The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 25(1), 91–104.


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