Effects of contaminated feed with Aspergillus flavus on some hematological and biochemical parameters on Cyprinus carpio L. 1758

Nahla T. Mansoor, Mustafa Jawad Jalil, Anmar S. Mohammed Yahya, Lauya M. Abbas and Mohammed D. Salman

  • Nahla T. Mansoor Fish and Animal Resource Center, Agriculture Research Director, Ministry of Science and Technology, Iraq.
Keywords: Cyprinus carpio, Aspergillus flavus, Body weight, Blood and biochemical parameters.


     In this investigation the common carp, Cyprinus carpio L. 1758 was exposed to contaminated feed with Aspergillus flavus under laboratory aquarium conditions (glass ponds) for 90 days. Results revealed that the contaminated feed with (A. flavus) has significantly affect in body weight change, blood and biochemical parameters of groups fed on contaminated feed with A. flavus. Body weight changes were decreased in group feeding on contaminated feed with A. flavus in comparison with control group. The results showed decreases in RBCs, PCV% and Hb concentration but WBCs was increased in treatment fish in comparison with the control group. In addition, serum Glutamic pyruvic trans-aminase, Glutamic oxaloacetic trans-aminase and total cholesterol as compared to control showed an increase (P<0.05) in these parameters in contaminated fish but total protein was decreased in same groups. In conclusion, A. flavus is produced toxic compounds that represent a serious source of contamination in foods; this confirms the infection of aquacultures’ fishes with A. flavus. So, one should not store foods for long periods or under poor conditions, fish health problems may arise.