Evaluation of Medicinal Constituent (Gingerol) in Iraq Cultivated Ginger Muhannad A.A. AL-Bayaty , Falah J. Ibrahim & Mohammad W. Hayani

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Muhannad A.A. AL-Bayaty


The evaluation of gingerol as medical entities in Iraq and Jamaica cultivated
ginger was done in this experiment. Two different types of cultivated ginger
(Iraq and Jamaica) of the same species (Zingiber officinal) were extracted to
achieve the subject of this study. Extraction was performed by two different
stages: the first stage preparative and extraction. Harvested ginger was prepared
for extraction by wash, denotation, drying, grinding, and extracting by acetone
under heating. The second stage is separation by two steps via TLC and HPLC.
The quality and quantity of oleoresin and gingerol in each step of separation
were checked by spots diameter and RF value of spot migration in TLC ginger
compounds and quality of whole extract and number of peak in HPLC as well as
quantity of gingerol after HPLC separation was done for both Iraqi and Jamaica
ginger. The results of comparison between cultivated ginger of Iraq and Jamaica
showed significant decrease (P<0.05) in quantity of extracts and spot diameter
of oleoresin where as no significant change (P<0.05) in gingerol quantities by
HPLC separation was found in Iraqi species. These results showed no effect of
different cultivation conditions of both peak Jamaica and Iraq species on
medical entities of ginger content of gingerol.


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AL-Bayaty, M. A. (2006). Evaluation of Medicinal Constituent (Gingerol) in Iraq Cultivated Ginger: Muhannad A.A. AL-Bayaty , Falah J. Ibrahim & Mohammad W. Hayani. The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 30(1), 83–90. https://doi.org/10.30539/iraqijvm.v30i1.844